A new open database of
safer chemistry to assist
better sourcing decisions

Sustainable Chemistry Starts at the Source

For Formulators

Help lead the industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020

  • Save time by reducing information requests
  • Improve efficiency and compatibility with Excel exports
  • Expand reach with easily located MRSL-compliant product ranges
  • Enhance customer interactions by providing visibility
  • Increase sales opportunities

For Suppliers

Conform with industry standards to reduce hazardous chemical use

  • Choose safer chemical options
  • Search conformant chemicals and product information
  • Access full product details with interactive user interface
  • Maintain account-specific profile
  • Invite formulators to disclose chemical information

For Brands

Support your suppliers’ efforts to source more sustainably

  • Demonstrate your continued commitment to the ZDHC programme
  • Strengthen relationships by collaborating with your suppliers
  • Progress the industry towards the elimination of hazardous chemicals


Use the resources below for more information about ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module. If you would like to speak to one of our professionals about how to disclose your conformance information and demonstrate progress towards your chemical management commitments, please contact us at supportzdhc@adec-innovations.com.

请参考下方的视频了解更多关于ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module的信息。如果您想向我们的专业人员了解如何揭露您的合规信息或展示您对于化学品管理的成果,请随时邮件我们至 supportzdhc@adec-innovations.com

How to register in ZDHC Gateway


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